Full Set: $350

Lash extensions are very soft, lightweight and have a natural look and feel. Even though you are placing several lash extensions per natural lash, they are actually much lighter than the Classic or Minx lashes. Achieve the look you love from soft and natural, to full and voluptuous. No need for eyeliner with these lashes!
Appointments are approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

Extended  Refills: $185-$225

An extended refill is 4-5 weeks since your last lash appointment. Any lash extension service over 5 weeks is considered a full set.

Appointments are approximately 105 minutes+.

Bottom Lashes: $65

Bottom lashes give the ultimate glamour look. Recommended for special occasions, bottom lashes can last up to 2 weeks.


eyelash Extensions

​Lashes by Fotini is not a factory in which you get rushed out the door to attend to the next client. Time is taken to  carefully create the detail needed to achieve a full-set look at every refill appointment. Everyone is pampered to the very last lash. Fees for corrective lash services will be determined during lash consultation and can differ per client.

Candied  Lashes: $35-$55

Get noticed! Add some shimmer and glimmer to your eyes by making them sparkle. Candied lashes last up to 2 weeks and are 

$35 as an add-on lash service or $55 if coming in for a separate application.
Candied lash appointments are approximately 30 minutes.

Refills: $150

A regular refill is 3-4 weeks since your last lash appointment and must have at lease 50% of your lashes left. If you are missing more than 50% of your lashes, it is considered an extended fill.

Appointments are approximately 90 minutes.